Our customer-service mindset has set us apart from our competition, just hear what our clients say about us!

Jordan CohenCMO

“N6A is hands down the best PR firm I’ve worked with in my career. They’ve played a critical role in taking our brand from start-up to enterprise phase, through two successful acquisitions, and have been an invaluable strategic partner every step of the way.”

Judge GrahamCMO

“N6A’s ‘Embrace the Pace’ mentality is a breath of fresh air to brands who have been burned by PR agencies who talk a good game but fail to deliver on meaningful results.”

Eloise BuneCEO

“N6A is more than a vendor to us. They are an integral part of our team and a true extension of our business that makes us better every day.”

Rick MartiraVP of Marketing

“N6A’s industry knowledge, connections and results have had a direct impact on our ability to be seen as a market leader in our category by media, analysts, and industry influencers of all kinds.”

Al DiGuidoFormer CEO

“No agency that I have ever dealt with has worked harder and provided as great a roster of success rivaling the team at N6A.”

Michael HiskeyCMO

“As a CMO, it’s never easy to select an agency partner. The Team at N6A imbues me with confidence that our PR activity is where it needs to be.”

Jim FosinaCEO

“The N6A customer experience is all about receiving fast-paced, world-class results and strategic service that drive positive impact on your brand.”

George AvetisovCEO

“If I was down to my last marketing dollar, I’d spend it with N6A. In an increasingly challenging media climate, N6A has proven themselves time and time again as a partner that will work tirelessly for their customers and do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

James LambertiCMO

“As an N6A customer, not a moment goes by where you don’t feel like you’re getting first-class value and top-notch results.”

Nick HofmeisterCOO

“N6A has a unique ability to take complex businesses and to turn them into powerhouse brands in the media through their network of connections, skills and innovative approach.”

Lucy ZhengAssociate

“We don’t view N6A as a vendor. N6A has earned the trust and respect to be considered a member of our team through their tireless work ethic, results, and industry expertise.”

David ReidCEO

N6A has always been a smart bet for us when it comes to results, performance and strategic guidance in our PR and social media initiatives.

John DonahueChief Product Officer

N6A provides a great service; their team makes sure the press functions of your business work at the speed of the news.

Travis JaraeCEO

In an increasingly complex and fast-moving media environment, N6A has proven to be one step ahead at every step of the way, and the impact on our brand has been invaluable.

Scott GallowayFounder

“N6A has solidified themselves as a fast-paced, hard-working and reliable partner that fights for our brand every day.”

Micah TapmanDirector

“N6A delivers. They help us develop strategies, engage, and follow-up on every press-related task. We’ve seen increased exposure as a result, making sales easier and increasing inbound leads.”

Erich JoachimsthalerCEO

“N6A has been an instrumental part of our success over the past several years, helping us build a leadership presence in the media unlike any other in our industry.”

Tony KatsurSVP

“The N6A service formula of lightning fast speed, deep industry connections and smart strategic thinking is a winning combination for any brand looking to elevate their presence in the media.”

Mike KellyCEO

“Having run companies of all sizes over the past 30 years, I can say that N6A is among the most reliable, results-oriented, and effective partners that I have worked with.”