Social media marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought. It requires strategy and execution to drive meaningful business results. Our new social media division offers best-in-class social media marketing solutions to our clients around the world,  who demand innovative marketing solutions to stay on top.

Working in perfect lockstep alongside with your PR team, N6A Social will bolster the reach of your media coverage across social channels in real-time while eliminating your role as a middleman between two communications teams. Our job is to implement professional and effective social media marketing programs that work for your business, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


A Social Media Audit is a review of your past social media activity to date to discover what works best and what simply doesn’t work for your company on social media. We’ll identify new opportunities for your business to take advantage of on social, as well as other areas for improvement. Let us conduct an audit of your company’s social media pages by clicking below.

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A Social Media Marketing Strategy is the most important component of your social media marketing campaign. Without a strategy in place, there’s no clear way to tell if you’re just throwing time and money down the drain. Our strategies will clearly define the business results (objectives) you want to achieve through your social media campaign, and will set out a plan to achieve them through content marketing and advertising.

Content Development and Production

Every company has a story to tell, and our social media content team wants to tell yours to the world! Whether it’s full creative including long and short form video, photography, or simply sharing media coverage stories, updates, blogs, general commentary or content to entertain your following, we’ll ensure we’re accurately conveying your voice and brand ethos. We’ll commit to learning the intricacies of your business inside out, so you can rest assured that the content we craft on your behalf will be precise, articulate, and a trusted extension of your brand.


At the end of every month, N6A will deliver an in-depth progress report to demonstrate progress toward the KPIs outlined in your social media strategy.


We use a combination of inbound & outbound methods to drive traffic to your company. Maximizing ROI by targeting multiple customer personas. Maximize Conversion by Optimizing UX/UI Website Design including low-friction check out and retargeting capabilities.

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